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Criminal Defense Law Firm Overview

When you are being investigated for a crime or when you are arrested or charged with a crime, it can be an extremely frightening experience. You may be afraid of losing your freedom and your reputation, and you may even find yourself sitting in a jail cell waiting to be arraigned and worried about your future. Fortunately, if you are facing criminal charges or are under investigation for any crime, you do have legal rights.

The criminal justice system in the United States says you are innocent until proven guilty, provides you with the right to confront your accuser, and ensures your Constitutional rights to life and liberty are not taken from you without due process of the law. Hiring a Media, PA or Chester, PA criminal defense attorney is the best way to protect your rights, show your innocence and have the best possible outcome from a criminal investigation or an arrest.

Lawrence R. Dworkin Criminal Defense Attorney in Media PA & Chester PA

The Pennsylvania criminal defense firm of Lawrence R. Dworkin fights for the rights of those accused of crimes in:

  • Philadelphia County,
  • Delaware County,
  • Montgomery County,
  • Chester County, and
  • Bucks County.

For more than thirty years, Lawrence R. Dworkin has been successfully advocating for clients in the criminal justice system and diligently ensuring their right to a fair trail and the best possible outcome from the charges faced.

At the criminal defense firm of Lawrence R. Dworkin, every case is treated with the importance it deserves and every client is kept fully informed of his legal rights and the options available. Whenever possible, Lawrence R. Dworkin will work with you to get charges dropped before trial or to build a defense and introduce reasonable doubt into your case so that you can have charges dismissed or be acquitted of all charges.

The goal is always dismissal or acquittal, but no matter what, we will help you to get the best results possible given the charges you face and the evidence against you. This means that, when necessary, we can arrange plea bargains or help you to take advantage of first time offender or diversion programs to avoid a criminal conviction or minimize penalties.

How We Can Help

As an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney, Lawrence R. Dworkin has the skills, knowledge and legal talent necessary to fight for your rights. The sooner we are involved in your case, the more help we can provide and the better your chances of a positive result. Remember, do not speak with law enforcement without speaking to us first.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or is under suspicion of a crime, contact us today to learn how we can help represent your rights in all stages of the criminal investigation, arrest, pre-trial and trial process. We will advocate for you, keep you informed, advise you on your options and assist you in making the right choice- and we will do it all for an affordable cost.

Contact us today using our online form or at 610-357-3506 to learn how we can help.

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