Drug Charges

Certain types of medications and drugs are considered “controlled substances” under both federal laws and state laws. When a substance is a controlled substance, you are not permitted to possess it at all or there may be requirements associated with legally possessing the substance. Having a controlled substance in your possession or using controlled substances without meeting the legal requirements for doing so can lead to drug charge.

Drug charges may be either misdemeanors or felonies depending whether you are using it or trying to or selling it. These drug charges can lead to state or federal prosecution and you may be subject to up to extremely long jail sentences in the most extreme circumstances. Because the penalties and consequences of drug charges are so severe, it is essential to have legal representation when you are facing accusations related to drugs and controlled substances. The Pennsylvania criminal defense law firm of Lawrence R. Dworkin can help.

Pennsylvania Drug Charges

In the state of Pennsylvania, you may face drug charges for a variety of different types of behavior including:

  • Possession Being in possession of drugs or being in possession of drug paraphernalia. This includes not just illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine but also prescription drugs without a valid prescription.
  • Sale / Intent to Deliver. When you have large amounts of drugs on your person or under your control, this can be seen as evidence that you intend to sell those drugs. This means you can be charged with intent to deliver even if you haven’t actually sold the drugs. You can be charged with sale or intent to deliver if you actually sell any drugs. It is very common for people to be charged with this offense after selling drugs to an undercover police officer.
  • School zone cases. Selling drugs around a school area or playground is considered an especially serious offense and the penalties are worse simply by virtue of the fact that you are in a school zone at the time of the sale.
  • Prescription drugs charges. People who are in possession of prescription drugs illegally can also face prescription drug charges. If you forge prescriptions, have prescriptions filled multiple times at different pharmacies or otherwise get your hands on prescription drugs you should not have you can be charged with a serious drug offense. If you are a physician who prescribes drugs illegally for no valid medical purpose or a pharmacist who distributes drugs without a valid prescription, you can face prescription drug charges.

Typically, simple possession of drugs will result in misdemeanor charges and you may be able to avoid jail time entirely depending on whether the offense is your first and the type and amount of drug you have. If you are charged with intent to distribute or sell drugs, however, the potential consequences of a conviction become much more serious. In every case, it is essential to have legal help to work with you to get the charges dismissed, to help you to make a plea agreement for minimal jail time, or to defend you in court against these serious charges.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or are under suspicion of drug crimes, contact the Pennsylvania criminal defense firm of Lawrence R. Dworkin today to learn how I can help represent your rights. We will advocate for you, keep you informed, advise you on your options and assist you in making the right choice- and we will do it all for an affordable cost.

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