Protection From Abuse

When accusations of abuse are made, the individual who is the alleged victim may seek a temporary or permanent restraining order or protective order. When a restraining order is issued against you, this has very serious consequences. Not only can it impact your right to see your family and have an adverse impact on divorce proceedings or a custody dispute, but it can also cause your constitutional rights—including your right to bear arms—to be affected.

Unfortunately, in the interest of providing protection for abuse, the standards for obtaining a restraining order are low. This means that someone may get a restraining order against you for minimal cause, with little evidence or even just on the basis of their word. If this happens, the criminal defense law firm of Lawrence R. Dworkin can help.

Restraining Orders and Your Legal Rights

If someone attempts to get a restraining order against you or if someone has a restraining order against you, you do have options. You can try to prove that there is no cause for the restraining order or that it is not justified. You can do this by presenting evidence that you did not do the things that you were accused of that led to the restraining order. You may also do this by pointing out that the accusations against you are not supported by any evidence or that there is not sufficient proof that the restraining order should have been granted.

Whenever you need help fighting against a restraining order, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer. It is your word against the victims in many cases, and it can be challenging to find the evidence you need when the court system is set up to err on the side of protection from alleged abuse. We can help by working to find alibis for you during the time when you were allegedly committing the abuse, or by presenting witnesses and other evidence on your behalf.

Contact us today using our online form or at 610-357-3506 to learn more about how we can help represent your rights when you are facing accusations of abuse. We will advocate for you, keep you informed, advise you on your options and assist you in making the right choice in responding to abuse allegations—and we will do it all for an affordable cost.

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