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In the state of Pennsylvania, certain drugs are considered to be controlled substances and in order to be in possession of these drugs, a valid prescription from a medical doctor is required. Because the possession, sale and distribution of these drugs is tightly controlled by law, there are a number of criminal offenses related to prescription drugs. If you break the law and are charged with one of these offenses, you could face jail time, fines and other penalties.

When you are accused of prescription drug crimes, it is very important to speak with an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney. The criminal defense law firm of Lawrence R. Dworkin has successfully represented many individuals who have been accused of prescription drug crimes and we can help you to explore defenses or negotiate a plea bargain to avoid the most serious charges and penalties. To learn more about how Larry R. Dworkin can help you when you are facing prescription drug charges, contact us today.

Pennsylvania Prescription Drug Crimes

Doctors who write prescriptions for drugs that people do not need can be charged with prescription drug crimes and can not only face criminal sanctions but may also lose their license to practice medicine. Likewise, pharmacists or other healthcare professionals who participate in the illegal distribution or sale of prescription drugs can also face serious consequences. If you are a professional that has been accused of improperly prescribing or distributing drugs, you must contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to avoid potential felony charges depending on the number and type of drugs you were distributing.

Individuals may also be charged with prescription drug crimes as well. Some examples of possible crimes you may be charged with related to prescription drugs include:

  • Possession of prescription drugs without a valid legal prescription from a doctor.
  • Getting prescription drugs for another person that has not been prescribed those drugs.
  • Selling or trafficking in prescription drugs. These charges are commonly brought when you have drugs such as Oxycotton, Vicadin, ADHD medications and other drugs with large demand on the black market.
  • Falsifying prescriptions. These charges are brought when you forge or otherwise create a false prescription that did not come from a medical doctor.
  • Prescription fraud. This can include getting a legitimate prescription filled multiple times at different pharmacies or locations.

In many cases, whether you are found guilty of a prescription drug crime or not will hinge on a matter of just a few pills. As such, it is very important to get help from an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer who can help you to raise defenses, negotiate a plea deal, or avoid a criminal record through entry into a diversion or first-time offender program.

To learn more about how an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer can help when you are facing charges for prescription drug crimes, contact the criminal defense law firm of Lawrence R. Dworkin today using our online form or via phone at 610-357-3506.

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