A new version of Megan’s Law

Recently the Pennsylvania legislature passed a new version of Megan’s law that makes certain changes in how our state treats individuals convicted of sexual offenses. While people who are convicted after the passage of the law are effected, people who were found or plead guilty to a sexual offense before the effective date of this law can also be effected.

For instance, if a person was convicted of an offense which called for a ten year registration with the state police and he/she is still registering, the registration has been changed to 15 years or more depending on the type of criminal offense. Even if you completed your registration, if you are again convicted of a felony, you will have to start registering again. If you have any questions in this regard contact your lawyer or my office immediately.

Under the old law there were two “tiers”: ten year registration and lifetime registration There are now three tiers: 15 years, 25 years, and lifetime depending on the crime.

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