If your case is sent to the county court after the preliminary hearing your first matter will be the formal arraignment.  At the arraignment you will appear (with your attorney) and be given your formal charges in the form of what is called an “information”.  This paperwork will list all your charges and the date […]


The first proceeding, after a criminal complaint is filed or an is arrest made, is the preliminary arraignment.  Prior to this hearing there will probably be an interview with the Bail Agency to assist the judge in setting bail.  At the preliminary arraignment the charges will be given to you and bail will be set.  […]

Gun Laws in PA.

Philadelphia Inquirer had a article on gun  laws in Penna.   Here is the link:

Defense Attorney Mediates for Suspended License

Your defense attorney expertly deals with a suspended license. Don’t face the court on your own. A suspended driver’s license is no joke. Driving on a suspended license carries severe consequences, more severe than just a fine. As a defense attorney servicing the Media and Chester areas in PA, I know what it means to […]

Parole and Probation

Chances of Parole and Probation: In Pennsylvania approximately 5% of cases go to trial and very few of them result in a total acquittal or finding of not guilty.  Given those statistics it is evident that most defendants will end up on parole or probation at the end of their case. Probation: Probation occurs when […]

Getting Charges Dropped in Assault Cases

Simple vs Aggravated Assault Cases: When you are arrested in an assault case the charges are often Aggravated  and Simple Assault.  Aggravated Assault is usually a felony and will often entail time in jail while Simple Assault is a misdemeanor and, under most circumstances, will only bring a sentence of probation.In Pennsylvania there are different sets […]

Defending Child Pornography Charges

One of the toughest charges to defend: One of the toughest charges to defend comes from an arrest for the possession of  child pornography.  Most of those arrested are first time offenders, have a family, and a good paying job.  Often the worst part of the arrest is seeing your picture in the local newspaper […]

Celebrity Crimes of 2012

Celebrity crimes of 2012 involved a little bit of everything, including possible theft and assault & battery charges with some probation & parole violations on the side.   Celebrities face legal troubles just like everyone else. While some celebs seem to get more allowances than “ordinary people,” there are still lessons to be learned from […]

Assault and Battery Charges Against Rap Star, Flavor Flav

If you haven’t heard already, former rap star of Public Enemy, Flavor Flav, whose real name is Will Drayton, has been arrested on assault and battery charges.  The week leading up to Halloween Flavor Flav was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery, which involved the rap star and his fiancé of eight […]

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