My last blog was about the intersection with Facebook and the criminal law. Today the blog concerns the civil law and Facebook. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog there is a Georgia case regarding a parent’s liability for what their child writes on his/her Facebook account. In this case the […]

Celebrities & Probation

Celebrities are not immune from law-breaking. From drunk driving, to assault, to shoplifting, those who have it all seem to make some very poor decisions in life. Chris Brown, Mel Gibson, and Hugh Grant has all spent time on (or are currently on) probation, living under the ever watchful eye of a probation officer watching […]

Tips to avoid on campus crime when going back to college

It is the back to school season and in our area we are surrounded with colleges like Swarthmore, Villanova and Widener. You may be looking forward to seeing your old friends from the previous years or making some brand new friends. Whether you are a incoming freshman or a senior, there are a few things […]

Get it Expunged!

If you have a juvenile record you can get it expunged in 6 months or 5 years in more serious cases such as drug dealing. A recent case had a 24 year old man who, at 17, had been convicted of selling Ecstasy in a school.  He had been in no further trouble, finished school, and […]


How many people own an automobile that doesn’t run.  Maybe it sits in the garage waiting to be worked on.  Maybe it’s in the driveway up on blocks.  You are waiting to get that part or just waiting to have time to work on it. But since it doesn’t run you don’t have it insured.  […]

Parole Officers and Sex Abuse Cases

Anyone on probation knows that you must cooperate with your probation officer and tell the truth when you do.  However, sometimes, especially for sex offense cases, the questions from the probation officer or therapists may be such that you will be admitting to crimes that are not known to the police and you will therefore […]

Jerry Sandusky

I doubt there is anyone who is unfamiliar with the Jerry Sandusky child sex offense trial. Many people and commentators questioned why he didn’t take or try to negotiate a plea deal. My opinion is that either no plea was offered, other than to just plead to every charge, or that the offer, for a […]

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