The Criminal Process: Part I – Getting an Attorney

There are few things in life that are worse than having to contact a criminal attorney.  It usually means that you, a friend, or a close family member has been arrested (or is going to be arrested) by the police.  Unfortunately, it also suggests a large outlay of money, sleepless nights, the possibility of a […]


Last year Pennsylvania passed a law which the Governor signed giving people with misdemeanor criminal records the chance to have their record expunged. Some criminal records can be expunged automatically but some will need the individual to file a petition with the court. Some convictions cannot be expunged under this law. Felony convictions cannot be […]

Habitual Offenders AKA Repeat Offenders – What you need to know!

When a person is arrested and comes to see an attorney one of the first things that the attorney must find out is whether the client has ever been convicted of the same offense in the past.  If he or she has then the client will be considered an habitual offender.  Most times this will […]

Pennsylvania Holiday Theft Charges

Thefts over the Holidays The holiday season is notorious for theft. People work in teams, target shoppers buying expensive items, and then do whatever it takes to steal holiday presents. Every year there are more and more cases of people being followed to their car, or home, and are held up for gifts they just […]

A new version of Megan’s Law

Recently the Pennsylvania legislature passed a new version of Megan’s law that makes certain changes in how our state treats individuals convicted of sexual offenses. While people who are convicted after the passage of the law are effected, people who were found or plead guilty to a sexual offense before the effective date of this […]

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