DUI: Victims Speak Out

Whether in magazines or TV advertisements, attractive young men and beautiful women make drinking alcohol seem cool. Commercials for beer, wine and spirits associate the products with relaxation, having fun, or being sexy. However, never do commercials show reality: men and women driving under the influence (dui), and causing accidents leaving their victims severely injured, […]

The Cost Of Having A DUI

Repercussions from a DUI conviction significantly exceed the damage it does to your finances. Click here for more information on driving under the influence. It’s really important to know just how deep the roots of  a DUI go. Here are the top 15 costs of having a DUI on your record–just in case you think about […]

Driving Under The Influence

Causing A Death While Driving Under The Influence  Whenever a death occurs as a result of an automobile accident one of the first things the police investigate is determining whether alcohol or drugs played any part in the cause of the incident. If the driver is found to be under the influence of either substance […]

Traffic Violations

Pennsylvania, like most states, has a point system along with a suspension of driver’s license for those drivers who violate traffic laws in the state. Certain violations or an accumulation of points can cause a suspension of your license. Point System Title 75 Section 1535 lays out the points given for particular violations. Most violations […]

Sentencing And Conviction

Sentencing: You’ve been convicted-now what? Since most criminal cases end in either a guilty verdict or a guilty plea, sentencing is a very important issue for most criminal defendants. Unless there is plea agreement between the District Attorney and your lawyer, the judge will decide whether you go to jail or go on probation and […]

ARD Program in PA for First Time Offenses

The first time any one is arrested can be a shock to that person and his/her family. Your mind begins to think of a million things at once:  how do I get a lawyer, how much money is it going to cost, will I get a record, lose my job, lose my license,  etc.  Fortunately, […]

DUI Laws in Pennsylvania

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of Alcohol or Drugs is obviously against the law.  Violation of this law carries with it jail time, fines, and a loss of license.  The major determination in the penalty is your Blood Alcohol rate or whether drugs are involved and whether you are a first time or multiple offender. […]

Driving Under Suspension After A DUI Conviction in PA

Pennsylvania treats people driving under suspension differently depending on if the suspension is for Drunk Driving or refusing to take a breath or blood test for a DUI.  Normally, a person driving while under suspension incurs a fine of $200.00 and an additional year of suspension on their license.  There is normally no jail time […]

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